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O packaging é a "cara" dunha marca con historia

Tempo: 2023-02-08 Golpea : 163

Nowadays, the status of deseño de envases is getting more and more attention. Creative packaging design can transform interesting products into must-buy items.

En resumo, o envase ten catro funcións principais:
(1) Para protexer os produtos embalados.
(2) Easy to purchase, carry and use.
(3) To stimulate consumption and promote sales. This has also become the most important link in the modern packaging industry.
(4) To add the value of home decoration and collection.

Today, when more and more people care about the environment, if a brand has no environmental awareness, it will not only leave an irresponsible impression, but they may also face the loss of consumers. 63% of consumers say recyclable and reusable packaging is their primary motivation for purchasing an item.

We Topsion Packaging Limited pays attention to the design and innovation of packaging, it also attaches great importance to the "sustainability" of packaging.

Packaging has its "life cycle" like human beings. We obtain raw materials from nature, for example,recycled or certified forest wood;sugar cane, palm fiber, reed fiber  and other raw materials from degraded pastures. Raw materials shaped after design and processing, We use such packaging to pack the product, and then deal with it after usage: recycling, incineration, composting, or burying, using as little raw material as possible during the "life cycle" process, or reducing its damage to nature and finally recycling and reusing after usage.

Since we take from nature, we must protect nature with respect!